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Avoid the most common entrepreneur newbie mistakes. Learn a few simple rules to make a good showing at your first investor presentation.  

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Learn techniques to make your presentation stand out from the crowd of companies competing for venture investment. Communicate your unique advantages so that investors "get it."

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Learn advanced techniques and a fresh approach you won’t find anywhere else. Be insanely great, raise money faster.  


How to Talk to Money is dedicated exclusively to helping entrepreneurs master the investor presentation. Angel investors and venture capitalists are a really tough audience, demanding and impatient. You have to be at the top of your presentation game to get through their defenses, win their trust, and get a term sheet. 

How to Talk to Money is based on the BizClarity Method, a new approach to investor presentations created by veteran coach Steve Bowman, the "Pitch Doctor.". It replaces the old, formula-based methods with principled and proven techniques distilled from Steve's twenty years experience coaching thousands of entrepreneurs. Everything you learn here is  grounded in a deep understanding of how investors think, and knowing first-hand what really gets their attention and what turns them off. It’s more advanced, more comprehensive than any other advice you’ll find on investor presentations, anywhere.

Free ebook:  How to Ace the One-pager

If you're applying to an incubator, mentoring program, venture fair, or business plan competition, you need this short guide. Those online forms look innocent, but there's a right and wrong way to fill them out. Doing it wrong can jeopardize the future of your company.

You'll get a download link to the complete ebook. It's a 14-page pdf.

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Steve Bowman, the Pitch Doctor, has coached  entrepreneurs for 20 years. The writings on How to Talk to Money capture the best of his techniques and methods. Here's what past clients have to say:

It was so valuable for me to get an insider’s perspective on what investors need to hear. It’s unlikely I would have come up with such a fresh way to explain my company on my own.
— John H. Page, CEO, Hexsee
I’ve given essentially the same presentation countless times before, but Steve’s expertise and insight resulted in a vastly improved presentation. He truly is the Pitch Doctor.
— Jeffrey Cohen, CEO, MindMe
Steve’s input on my VC presentation was invaluable.  I’ve made many VC presentations before—both for this company and my last company—and I thought I had a great presentation.  After spending some time with Steve, I realized I still had a long way to go.  He focused the message of my presentation, clarified the important points, and logically organized it.  Steve revolutionized my presentation.
— Gil Beyda, CEO, Net2itive
The sessions with Steve were intense and stimulating.  He made us think hard, not only about the presentation but also about what our business really is.  His coaching focused and sharpened our central message.
— Colman O’Murchu, CEO, Tangerine Technologies
Steve taught us a way of presenting that has carried over into almost every other presentation we’ve done since, even on different topics.  He showed us how to sharpen and refine our PowerPoint slides, and how to coordinate them with the verbal presentation.

What came out of the experiences was a very tight presentation that makes investors who hear it want to dig deeper and know more about our company.
— John Possumato, CEO,