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Private coaching for the investor presentation

BizClarity is the brand for Steve Bowman's in-person teaching and coaching. If you're been around the Philadelphia-area venture community anytime during the last 20 years, you've likely heard about BizClarity. 

If you're a first-time entrepreneur ...

BizClarity shows you the basics of an investor presentation, enough to make a good showing at your first investor meeting.

If you've pitched before ...

but didn't get what you want, BizClarity helps you see what to change. The next time out, investors will 'get it' and invite you back.

If you're a technologist ...

BizClarity teaches you how to explain complex ideas so that normal people understand you--without dumbing it down.

Even if you're a veteran fund-raiser ...

BizClarity has advanced techniques to take you to the next level—all the way to “insanely great.”

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If your presentation is good, investors pay attention.


Presentations Don't Have to Suck

You can't put together a good investor presentation by following what you find on the Internet or in books on entrepreneurship. Most of the advice is simplistic, shallow, one-size-fits-all. They lead you to believe that all you have to do is chain together a list of recommended topics and investors will like you. Include everything, be thorough, but make it simple and keep it short.

I'm not the only person outraged at the state of presentations today. Guy Kawasaki says bluntly, 95% of presentations "suck." This slide is from his notorious forward to Presentation Zen. 

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There's no excuse for so many sucky, "trainwreck" presentations. They aren’t that hard to fix, if you know how! BizClarity knows how. With the right help, anybody can pitch even a complex and novel business so that investors "get it."


Who is BizClarity?

BizClarity is me, Steve Bowman. People know me as "The Pitch Doctor."

Whatever your presentation challenge, I've seen it before. I’ve specialized for over 15 years in teaching entrepreneurs to pitch investors, and I've coached thousands of entrepreneurs and companies of all sizes, all stages, and in all industries. from biotech to fashion tech.

I've screened companies for venture fairs and judged business plan competitions. I've taught investor presentations at universities and colleges, for incubators like DreamIt, and as head coach for venture fairs like Angel Venture Fair, Early Stage East, and FashInvest.

Whatever your presentation challenge, I'll have solutions.

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The BizClarity Method

My approach to coaching investor presentations is unlike any you'll find from other coaches, in books, or on the Internet. I don't just tweak slides. I don't work from a formula list of topics. Instead I focus first on finding your real high-level business story--the story that will resonate most with investors.

I know how investors think, how they evaluate companies, what excites them, what pisses them off. I also know how they sometimes get it wrong--how in their haste they miss seeing companies for what they really are. Half the time it's the company's fault. I'll help you craft a presentation to avoid that fate.

When it comes time to write the narrative and slides, I'll show you how to make the story concise, the slides simple, and your advantages clear. I've been doing this kind of thing for forty years, so I have a few tricks up my sleeve.

If you're an advisor, teacher, or group charged with fostering innovation, consider using my writings  and workshops to boost your efforts. I teach entrepreneurs, and I coach the coaches to apply my method.

My overall mission is to raise the bar on presentation standards and methods, everywhere entrepreneurs are pitching to investors. I'm working for the day when there's no excuse for sucky, trainwreck presentations and all deserving companies get the funding they need.

Testimonials from former clients

Gary Rosensteel, President, DigiBrix (Pittsburgh, PA):

I am very comfortable getting in front of people and, after refining my investor presentation for over a year, I thought itwas “tight.” But, I was having a problem getting investors engaged in our opportunity.

Working with Steve may well have been the most important thing I've ever done to ensure the success of my company. I now have a presentation that I truly feel comfortable with. It’s telling the story I always wanted to broadcast, and, most importantly, investors are showing real interest in my company. The last time I gave the presentation to a room full of investors, they applauded! Thanks, Steve!

Stu Strumwasser, President & CEO, Snow Beverages (New York, NY)

Steve -- Holy shit! I was skeptical about spending so much time with you but
I am so glad I did and sincerely want to thank you for your patience
and insights.

Much to my surprise (because I thought it was already pretty
decent) I think that this presentation is now vastly more clear, to the
point, and compelling. Your thoughts were very focused and helpful.
Thank you so much!

Todd Butterfield, CEO, Butterfield Health Solutions (Philadelphia, PA)

When I first presented to Steve Bowman, I was more of an inventor than an entrepreneur. Now I’m a confident entrepreneur.

It’s not what I expected. I thought the Pitch Doctor would work primarily on whipping my communications into shape. While he is helping with that, Steve has catalyzed my realization of what we have here. He helped me see my basic strategic storyline. He’s helping me to solidify my thinking about the nuts and bolts of our operations. He also contributed some tremendous new ideas to our effort.

Mostly, he helped me to believe in myself (I actually am being totally serious here…).


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