Pre-Coaching Registration

This page is for companies preparing to get coaching from me. You reached this page because I sent you a private link. 

If this is the first time we've worked together, please answer the questions below. (If a question doesn't apply to you, skip it.) It's a time saver for you and me, at this stage, compared to going back and forth with emails. I'll follow up. 

You'll get a head start, and save coaching time, if you read some of my guidelines first. Go to Books so see what I have for sale. To encourage you to prepare, use the Discount Code TRAIN1 to download How to Avoid a Trainwreck for free.

I also highly recommend you read all the blog posts (there's only a few), and the Coaching FAQ.

(Hint: "Other People" is where you list team members who will be attending the coaching sessions.)

If you still have questions, you can always email me. 

Pre-Coaching Registration

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