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I don't merely tweak slides. I don't work from formulas or a list of topics. Instead I focus first on finding your core story – the real business story, unique to you, that resonates most with investors. Everything else flows from the core story, including knowing what content to include, what to leave out, the sequence, and the level of detail.

I know how investors think, how they evaluate companies, what excites them, what pisses them off. I also know how they sometimes get it wrong--how in their haste they miss seeing companies for what they really are. Half the time it's the company's fault. I'll help you craft a presentation to avoid that fate.

When it comes time to write the narrative and slides, I'll show you how to make the story concise, the slides simple, and your advantages clear. I've been doing this communication thing for forty years, so I have a few tricks up my sleeve.

What Stage Company?

I work with companies at all stages, from start-ups preparing to meet with angel investors, to established companies raising Series C institutional rounds. I also work with corporate clients to prepare and coach any type of high-stakes presentation.

  • If you're just starting out, I'll help you master the basics in the shortest possible time. You’ll be ready to make a good showing at those first meetings with investors.
  • If you've pitched before, I'll take you to the next level. We'll sharpen your story and shape the slides and narrative into a compelling argument for investment.
  • If you're a serial entrepreneur, or veteran of the investor pitch, and your presentation is already the best you can make it, my coaching will make it better. Trust me, I can make it much better. We'll tune up your story first. Then add the master touches that make the difference between merely outstanding and 'insanely great.'
  • No matter what your experience level, you're likely “too deep in the weeds” and struggling to know what to include in your pitch and what to leave out. I’ll give you a fresh, unbiased perspective on your business.

What Industries?

I've worked with companies from all industries. Some examples:

  • Life sciences, drug discovery, medical devices
  • Software, consumer and enterprise, database
  • Internet, e-commerce, infrastructure, advertising, gaming
  • Mobile, consumer, advertising, infrastructure
  • Finance and investments, financial technology
  • Retail, sales and marketing, wholesaling
  • Fashion and fashion tech
  • New materials, production and applications
  • Manufacturing, chemicals, industrial services
  • Robotics, semi-conductors, computer sciences
  • Consumer products, industrial services

Clients comment on my ability to get right to the heart of a new businesses or technology . No matter how arcane or novel your technology or markets, I'll quickly reach a level of understanding that approximates what investors need to know at a first meeting.

If your business depends on an "impossible-to-explain" technology, strategy, or business model, that's my favorite challenge. It might take a few iterations, but we'll find a way to explain the real value of your idea in language that even restless investors can grasp.

Every company, every industry is different. But my approach is the same: I ask questions until I get a coherent vision of what you're doing. All the mechanics of narrative and slides and delivery flow from that vision.

If you still have questions about the process or my approach, go to the Coaching FAQ.

To get started, fill out the application on the Contact page. I'll get back to you ASAP.  Or email me.

 Steve Bowman

Steve Bowman


Testimonials from Coaching Clients

Gary Rosensteel, President, DigiBrix (Pittsburgh, PA):

I am very comfortable getting in front of people and, after refining my investor presentation for over a year, I thought itwas “tight.” But, I was having a problem getting investors engaged in our opportunity.

Working with Steve may well have been the most important thing I've ever done to ensure the success of my company. I now have a presentation that I truly feel comfortable with. It’s telling the story I always wanted to broadcast, and, most importantly, investors are showing real interest in my company. The last time I gave the presentation to a room full of investors, they applauded! Thanks, Steve!

Stu Strumwasser, President & CEO, Snow Beverages (New York, NY)

Steve -- Holy shit! I was skeptical about spending so much time with you but
I am so glad I did and sincerely want to thank you for your patience
and insights.

Much to my surprise (because I thought it was already pretty
decent) I think that this presentation is now vastly more clear, to the
point, and compelling. Your thoughts were very focused and helpful.
Thank you so much!

Todd Butterfield, CEO, Butterfield Health Solutions (Philadelphia, PA)

When I first presented to Steve Bowman, I was more of an inventor than an entrepreneur. Now I’m a confident entrepreneur.

It’s not what I expected. I thought the Pitch Doctor would work primarily on whipping my communications into shape. While he is helping with that, Steve has catalyzed my realization of what we have here. He helped me see my basic strategic storyline. He’s helping me to solidify my thinking about the nuts and bolts of our operations. He also contributed some tremendous new ideas to our effort.

Mostly, he helped me to believe in myself (I actually am being totally serious here…).

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Frequently Asked Questions

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To get started, fill out the application on the Contact page. I'll get back to you ASAP.

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