One-on-One Coaching for Investor Presentations

Do you want your investor presentation to be as good as possible, as fast as possible? One-on-one coaching is the way to go.

Unlike Other Coaches

"But," you say, "I've had presentation coaches before. They weren't that great."

I'm not like your typical presentation coach. They’re good if you need help only with delivery skills. Some will help you clean up your slides and improve your script. They usually aren’t qualified to critique your content.

I start with content. I need to understand first your strengths, challenges, opportunities, customers, competition, strategy. I push hard until I find your core story. Only then do we work on a narrative outline and what to put on the slides. If needed, I put on my presentation skills hat and coach you on performance issues.

Unbiased Rethinking

“But,” you say, “my investor friends advise me on content.”

Investors and business advisors are vital to your venture. But they aren’t professional coaches. When they see your pitch, they'll say "Put in a slide to say this, and tweak that," when what you really need is a rethinking of your entire approach.

Moreover, investors will tell you what they want to see in a pitch. They filter your pitch through the lens of their particular investment bias. Trying to help, they suggest changes to reshape your story to fit their ideal. But that might not be your real story, and the next investor you meet will have a different take.

Stay Centered with Core Story

This is why core story is so important. If you know your story, you stay centered when facing multiple investment opinions and you can decide what advice to take and what to ignore.

I've worked with thousands of investment presentations and I’ve seen just as many business and investment strategies. I’ll not only pull your core story out of you, I’ll help you shape an investment pitch in line with current trends in the investment market.

Because we’re focusing on ideas, strategy, and high-level business concepts, these coaching sessions—the first one in particular—are intense and invigorating. Former clients tell me years later that it’s an experience they never forgot.

Convinced? Answers to questions about making an appointment to meet in person or over the phone are in the   [fix link]

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