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If you get my Free Offer or sign up in any way, you're on this master list. I use it to send out occasional offers and announcements about ebooks, posts, online events and webinars. Nothing local, so if you're in San Diego, you still get full benefits. 

Philly Area

For announcements of local workshops, coaching, and in-person events, including my regular Open Coaching sessions at DLA Piper. I'll occasionally announce entrepreneur-related events by organizations I work with or support. For events in Philadelphia, Delaware, and Southern New Jersey.

Angel Venture Fair (AVF)

For companies involved in some way with the annual Angel Venture Fair, starting with the first selection round. I'm running the AVF Coaching Program, sponsored by DLA Piper. I've been closely involved with AVF for 15 years, and the goal of this list is to share as much inside information as possible to help companies make the most of all that AVF has to offer.

Mid-Atlantic Diamond Ventures (MADV)

Mid-Atlantic Diamond Ventures is one of the premier venture groups in the Philly area. Four times a year we select and prepare companies to pitch at our quarterly investor meetings. This list is for any companies who want extra guidance at any stage of the process. I give priority to MADV companies at my Open Coaching sessions.

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