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How to Ace the One-pager is the first book to tell you best practices and secrets for filling out the "One-Pager" or any of those online forms you face when applying for a venture fair or business pitch competition or mentor program. They're called one-pagers because your answers are often published on a single page and dispensed to investors. 

The techniques in How to Ace the One-pager are based on my experience evaluating one-pagers, writing one-pagers, and coaching entrepreneurs to ace the one-pager. Some of my advice is controversial, but I know it works.

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This is a really accurate picture of how investors think when they look at a pile of one-pagers. Steve captures every nuance that investors feel and explains the process in a way that makes sense. He nails the benefit to entrepreneurs.
— Ellen Weber, investor, leader of investor groups and entrepreneur programs, professor at Fox School of Business