Menu of Workshop Offerings

The Menu of Workshops offers a variety of ways you can engage Steve to work with your group. 

Organizations can arrange for a combination or workshops, or workshops plus coaching. Any of these workshops can be customized to fit an organization's particular needs.

How to Talk to Money (Investor Presentation Workshop)

Workshop (lecture, examples, exercises) on how to create an investor presentation. From the basics to advanced tips and tricks and ideas/principles.

Duration: one to three hours.

Open Coaching 

A learn-by-example format Steve has perfected over the years to deliver the most benefit to the most entrepreneurs with a wide range of pitching experience. In a three-hour Open Coaching session, Steve coaches three companies, giving each an hour of his undivided attention, exactly as he does in private sessions with clients. Members of all three companies stay and watch throughout the whole session. The learning is richer because sometimes it’s easier to absorb the lessons when it’s somebody else in the hot seat.

Plus, the session is open to ANY entrepreneur, no matter what stage, to come watch, observe, learn. Although most of the dialogue is between Steve and the pitching company, observers do get a chance to comment and ask questions.

Part of the fun is watching Steve work with companies he’s seeing for the first time—coaching “without a net.” 

Another benefit is the networking effect: random entrepreneurs discovering common interests and connecting. 

Open Coaching is a real eye-opener for first-timers. Learning from real-world examples, being coached by an expert, is the quickest way to learn how to put together a great investor presentation. Experienced entrepreneurs gain just as much, gaining new insight into their own company message and learning advanced presentation techniques. The discussion gets intense, often delving into questions of strategy and financial feasibility, not just slides and story.

Everybody comes away with new ideas (and lots of notes). 

Duration: always three hours.

How to Quick Pitch (aka Elevator Speech)

Steve has a different approach to the “elevator speech” and new ideas on how it should be taught. The elevator metaphor is over-done and too limiting. That’s why this workshop is called “How to Quick Pitch.”

Rather than stressing the writing and memorization of a short speech, he teaches a fresh approach that fits the wide range of circumstances where entrepreneurs have a fleeting opportunity to start a conversation or answer “what do you do?”   

The workshop is interactive, hands-on, and includes on-the-spot coaching. It teaches situational awareness: being sensitive to the questioner and a modular approach to matching message to listener. Participants practice front-loading their sequences, detail control, and "hot facts." It’s grounded in knowing core message.  

Longer workshops cover written as well as spoken quick pitches. 

Duration: one hour to all-day

How to Coach How to Talk to Money (Coach the Coaches) 

This workshop is for mentors, advisors, teachers who coach entrepreneurs to improve their investor presentation. It’s Steve Bowman sharing his coaching secrets and methods. 

It begins with a review of the current story state of presentation coaching and with the question “Why smart entrepreneurs create such bad presentations?” Most of the workshop is structured around “The Eight Secrets from the Pitch Doctor.” This includes the Touchstone Questions and some of Steve’s favorite devices for discovering the core story of any company.

Duration: 45 minutes to two hours.

Private Coaching

Steve offers private coaching to companies preparing to pitch to investors or deliver an important talk. Companies engage Steve directly. Or organizations--incubator programs and "boot camps" can hire Steve to do any combination of workshops and one-on-one coaching with their members.

Go to the Coaching section for more information about coaching, and to the About section for information on Steve Bowman. 


Other Workshops

How to Talk Tech to Money

A variation of How to Talk to Money, but customized for audiences of scientists and technically-trained entrepreneurs. 

How to Talk Money to Corporate Boards

For project leaders and "intreprenuers" within large corporations, this workshop teaches how to navigate the psychology of C-suite executives and offers techniques for getting budget approvals. 

Presentations for Business

Advice on creating and delivering any type of presentation for any business audience, not just for raising money.

Presentation Skills

Coaching, instruction, tips and tricks for any person or group wanting to improve their "platform skills." Ideas are very audience-centric. But also very practical attention to personal strengths and fears. (Steve began his presentation-coaching career as a public speaking coach.) 

No More Boring Meetings

A short talk (usually one hour) that explores attitudes and techniques for making the most of any business meeting


Schedule of Upcoming Coaching, Workshops, and Events

Below are all of the confirmed Open Coaching sessions and workshops I'm giving that are open to anybody in the entrepreneur community. I've also listed some of the venture events and pertinent deadlines that I'm involved with.